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BSc (Hons) Product Design

William Clark

After starting sports coaching at a young age, I discovered that I was an energetic, people-oriented person with a positive, outgoing personality. I am passionate about design that encourages new opportunities and accessibility for everyone. The projects that I thrive on revolve around advancements in current sporting tech and encouraging engagement through fun, innovative methods.

Pallas Padel

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Padel Tennis is a new emerging sport combining tennis and squash. The game is played across the globe and is rapidly growing. The Pallas Padel aims to increase the longevity of the racket by implementing a replaceable bumper guard, designed to withstand impact. Currently, padel rackets on the market today are very expensive and have a short life span of 12 - 18 months. This new design of padel rackets will make them more cost-effective for the user and make the game more accessible.

Story Tiles

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Story Tiles was first conceptualised during the COVID pandemic. The project was driven by the negative effect on children’s language development skills, throughout the lockdown period. Story Tiles is a fun, interactive way for children to use their imagination by linking images and creating a narrative in an engaging way, furthering education at home.

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