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BSc (Hons) Product Design

Philip Harrocks

A detail-orientated designer driven to create user-centred solutions, solving real problems. Through experience within the medical device industry, I consistently aim to gain a deep understanding of the user, their circumstances and their needs to design highly usable products.


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Smell training is a medically recommended treatment for smell loss, it consists of smelling 4 strong scents, twice-daily and is done with large glass jars and is viewed as a chore. Regen offers a user-friendly approach. Through removing the frustrations associated common smell training kits, Regen changes the perception of smell training, helping the user regain their senses faster.


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An accessible and durable dental cassette for the developing world. Through a simple design, Cassy is easy and cheap to manufacture and distribute. Supporting the remote dental surgeries and helping those who need it most, allowing surgeries to re-invest the saving gained into their patients.

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