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BSc (Hons) Product Design

Nanzio Griffin

I am a versatile Cardiff-born designer that is user-focused and aims to form holistic and seamless solutions. By doing this I strive to help society advance in the right direction, granting everyone the right to contribute to the world around them, fulfilling their potential. I have always had a fond passion toward various methods of creation, product design is the ideal outlet for my creativity.


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Inspired by personal experiences of being a CODA (child of a deaf adult) and my passion of music. The ILUMINOTE is a modular MIDI controller that makes use of more than just the auditory sense. With tactile, haptic, and visual representation of audio frequencies, this allows users of varied hearing capabilities to easier understand, create, collaborate, and flourish with friends and peers.


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MEDIWAY is a self-service repeat prescription service to help relieve pharmacists of time consuming processes to further focus on what matters most - the patients well-being. The system is made up of a handheld dispensing vessel for medication, an autonomous machine that fills the handheld device, and an app to help consumers track health medication and progress.

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