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BSc (Hons) Product Design

Thomas Dryden

I enjoy exploring design problems to create innovative solutions which fully consider both function and aesthetics to achieve a high-quality outcome. My design process is continuously informed by the end-user and created in the most sustainable way that is feasible for the product.


Rousou_Angelos_Website_Affinity Floor Lamp_Collage.jpg

My final year outcome is a wearable device for race marshals which tracks the position of the user to ensure they stay in a safe location. It uses Bluetooth modules to triangulate position and alerts the user when if they move into an unsafe zone on the racing surface. The Bluetooth modules use a 'traffic-light' system to differentiate zones based on their safety risk. This works in a two-step proximity system which will notify users in a sensory way - the device is programmed through an Arduino board to alert marshals in different ways based on the zone.

Rousou_Angelos_Website_Earth Salads_Collage.jpg

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