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Abhinav Takkar

The learnings and experiences from doing 3 years of diploma courses from Pearl Academy, New Delhi, India have helped me gain an understanding of the principles of product design and innovation. After studying in this field for 4 years I have developed skills in observing, understanding, and critically analysing a problem and producing user-centric solutions. Designs inspired by nature, contemporary solutions, woodworking, and combining different materials to come up with aesthetic outcomes are some of my interests that have always influenced my visualization.

Abigail Slade

As a designer I am a hardworking, self-motivated and creative individual with a keen interest in current societal issues and my designs tend to reflect that. With a preference towards making, my design process is hands on, using prototypes to develop products. Having previously worked with both wood and metal, my aim is to carry on experimenting in various design pathways.

Adeoluwa Thompson

As an designer all of my projects have focused heavily on the function, ease of usability and aesthetic of my products. As an experience based designer All of my project ideas come from the problems encountered by my- self and all the people around me. I am passionate about using CAD software to showcase and communicate my ideas to my through the use of stunning visuals and detailed 3D models.

Alex Field

A hard-working, reliable and personable design graduate. Committed to and excited by the world of great design, I aim to bring a pragmatic approach to both form and function. With a keen interest in design for the outdoor/adventure industry, I hoped to use my final year at University to showcase a wide variety of skills and projects. For me, BSc Product Design has been the perfect balance between creativity and academia in which to foster and display these skills.

Alex Georgiou

I am a designer who always wants to learn new things. Creative computer 3D modelling has always been a passion of mine. Designing products that help people will always be at the forefront of my design, making the things people enjoy doing even more enjoyable and ensuring the hard things are slightly less difficult.

Alex Hampshire

As a designer I am fascinated by the issues it can solve and the jobs it can produce. In my spare time you can find me in a more traditional sense, renovating old tools and items in my workshop. Recently, 3D software, game engines and Virtual Reality have been at the forefront of my interests and hopefully the future.

Alex Lowe

A multidisciplinary user centred designer keen to find solutions that can be applied to the real world. I have always been interested in problem solving and have attempted to apply this thinking throughout my degree. Exploring an array of processes and materials throughout my journey has solidified my desire to pursue a creative design role. Alex looks to tackle serval aspects of a problem at once, this can be seen in both projects.

Alex Matthews

I am a multi-disciplinary designer who seeks to create innovative solutions to real world problems. With interests in both audio and lighting equipment, I am driven by the interaction of products that produce a tangible energy. I also believe that consideration of a products lifecycle is essential in todays climate, with sustainability at the core of my process.

Alex Williams

I am a hugely passionate and motivated designer, and I enjoy taking on challenging and out of the ordinary projects. I am focused on delivering innovative solutions to difficult design problems, and relish opportunities to learn new skills to produce relevant and applicable products, that aim to have a genuine impact on today’s society.

Alexandra Record

Born and raised in Cape Town, South Africa, and living overseas for most of my life has exposed me to a wide range of cultures and experiences. Being influenced by different people and nationalities has shaped me into the designer I am. As a designer, I strive for originality over newness as I feel it is important to keep evolving to be different and stand out amongst the crowd.

Amelia Walburn

A versatile designer with a passion for enhancing user experience. Putting myself in the shoes of the consumer helps me understand their journey, highlighting areas for improvement or opportunity. When my designs come to life and I see my work develop into tangible products I feel a sense of fulfilment and excitement. My aim is to produce products of real need or that help to solve a problem.

Anastasia Klimova

Anastasia is committed to designing technology that enhances the human ability and exists in harmony with nature and society. Her tools of choice are Industrial Design, Service Design and Design Strategy. Previously she has gained industry experience at Logitech and LAYER.