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BA Furniture & Product Design

Adam Sisson

I am a practically-minded furniture designer, particularly interested in design for longevity through repair and maintenance. Moving forward with my career I intend to continue designing furniture pieces which can be easily maintained, encouraging users to reduce furniture waste and build repair skill sets.


273513-258542 - N0928759 - Zahra Achda- 28 April, 2024 1007 PM - Achda_Zahra_Trailshare_Co

Allen is a modular, maintainable sideboard system that can be assembled and disassembled using a single hex wrench. This project focuses on spare parts-based repair; the act of replacing parts to repair the greater object. Each part of the sideboard can be removed and replaced at any time, requiring simple tools and easily learned techniques.

This project serves as the opener to a much-needed discussion on furniture repair. Our society prematurely disposes of hundreds of tonnes of furniture each year because maintenance and repair are inaccessible. Allen aims to change this by providing users with spare parts and tools to perform maintenance tasks on their own furniture.

While Allen was designed with the specific dimensions of physical media forms in mind, the interior layout can be customised to fit the user's own purposes.


My goal when designing Vault was to create a compact, sensitive storage solution for sentimental heirloom jewellery. I was inspired to choose the Magis brief when I considered the objects that are already passed through generations, and how we can improve our experiences with them.

Many people have inherited heirloom jewellery, but these pieces often do not come with the sensitive and secure storage that they deserve. Vault aims to change this by providing dedicated, practical jewellery storage in a compact form factor that would be at home on your vanity or dresser, or as a decorative item elsewhere in the home.

Heirloom jewellery is not just about the physical object – it’s about the memories that are tied to every piece. I wanted Vault to serve as a vessel for these memories as well, and it was vital that the contents of the vessel be easily accessible to allow the user to reminisce, by interacting with them.

Vault is designed to last more than just one lifetime, using high quality and sustainable materials. It was also important to me that these materials be separable at the end of Vault’s lifespan, to allow for further recycling and avoid landfill wherever possible.

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