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BA Product Design

Bethany Grover

Ensuring my design work is fun and engaging is my top priority. I have always loved to channel fun colours, materials and forms into over-the-top, abstract ideas that are focussed down into exciting, yet suitable design solutions; all while learning and fully immersing myself in different topic areas.


273513-258542 - N0928759 - Zahra Achda- 28 April, 2024 1007 PM - Achda_Zahra_Trailshare_Co

On the surface, Cadence appears just as any other decorative audio panelling system. But behind the panels lies a lot of research into history, psychology, and technology; from the modern day, dating back to the work of Newton in 1666.

Cadence's panels are a direct visual translation of sound. Using the Cadence software, any piece of music can be directly translated into colour, form and texture - creating 0.5 second visual snippets of layered audio, which can then be transformed into these retro-inspired 'units'. The different layers of each cadence 'unit' presents the different layers of the song at that time; basslines, instruments, and vocals - allowing the user to really feel and see their piece of music. Each central faCade provides consistency, further personalisation, and a textured surface produced by the software, allowing the user to trace the movements of their music as it travels along the wall.

The panels are made of experimental composite material, consisting of reclaimed wood shavings and a bio-degradable adhesive - further exploring sustainable opportunities within the audio panelling industry.

From music lovers in their home, to grand commercial halls, cadence can be personalised for anyone; encapsulating the power of music, for everyone.

Sky Muse

Sky Muse is a digital 'Gallery' designed to display artwork in the home. Designed for all ages, Sky Muse works alongside an app; allowing you to create, edit, display, and share artwork. Your work can be scanned in and optimised, or AI can be used to generate new, fun ideas. Available app libraries allow for the display of existing masterpieces. Built in voice control and a tactile frame allow for different levels of product interaction.
Sky Muse is a subtle, technology-based nod to the health-management sector, encouraging friends and families to spend time together, switch off, and create some art without the pressure of time, space, or being perfect. In a given survey, of those who said they didn't create their own artwork at home, 91% of respondents expressed their wish to do so - claiming that lack of skill, time, and space was the reasoning for not. Sky Muse has been designed to combat this, and bring people together creatively, through the embrace of technology.

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