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BSc Product Design

Carlma Fon-Akkum

I believe all design solutions should be both functional and beautiful, with sustainability at their forefront. I love the impact that designs can leave on people, particularly in branding and packaging, and want to further explore the world of graphics design.

TOMA (Tales of Miniature Africa)

273513-258542 - N0928759 - Zahra Achda- 28 April, 2024 1007 PM - Achda_Zahra_Trailshare_Co

Cameroon, like many other African countries, is a beautiful place with hundreds of different ethnic groups, languages, gorgeous landscapes and highly valuable natural resources, but falls victim to negative stigmas about African lifestyle and culture. TOMA was born from a desire to showcase African excellence through a luxury experience.

The unique design of TOMA's ceramic containers are inspired by mud huts created by the Musgum people of Cameroon's Far North region many years ago. The huts, made from compressed sundried mud and thatch, represent the brilliance of early African architecture. They are heat resistant, fully sustainable, and easily repairable thanks to the scaffolding which allows for the house to be climbed. Additionally, all scented candles are primarily coffee and cocoa based, representing Cameroon's status as one of the largest exporters of both coffee and cocoa in the world. Customers will have 4 energising, fresh and fun scents to choose from.

With TOMA's subscription service customers can regularly purchase their favourite scents in the form of pillar candles, while reusing the same container. The brand offers 3 container sizes, allowing all preferences to be met. The containers can easily serve as decor thanks to their premium design.

Wig Restore Travel Set

This on-the-go trio pack is a blend of fun and premium design, offering wig wearers a way to care for their hair and skin while abroad. The Wig Restore Set was created following the brand language and colours of Hair Anatomy UK, a luxury synthetic wig brand. I chose to design for Hair Anatomy because I am the social media manager of the brand and carried out my first ever packaging design internship with them as a first-year design student in 2021. Since then, my role and influence in the company has significantly grown, and this project represented a full circle moment for me.

The aim was to redesign the traditional trio pack and offer customers more incentive to reuse the containers. All bottles in the set are made using 50% recycled HDPE plastic, the second most widely recycled plastic in the word. The unique shampoo and conditioner bottles embody the brand identity of being bold, fun, and confident. With a bespoke, vibrant, fully recyclable design, contained in a personalised toiletry bag made from recycled plastic bottles, Hair Anatomy customers can restore the shine of their wigs while away from home, and keep their skin hydrated all day long.

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