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BA Product Design

Dan McEvoy

I'm a practical designer that has always taken joy from solving problems and promoting experiences to create excitement and happiness through my work. Ideation inspires me most within my process, allowing creativity to manifest in practical solutions.


273513-258542 - N0928759 - Zahra Achda- 28 April, 2024 1007 PM - Achda_Zahra_Trailshare_Co

The project began by brainstorming the biggest environmental problems in 2024. Rapidly increasing food waste jumped out instantly. Furthermore, this product has been designed to assist those between the ages of 30-45 who live in urban areas to grow their own food and in turn, reduce their food miles, take up a new hobby with countless benefits and save money on everyday shopping trips.

Research shows growing your own produce can not only increase levels of satisfaction but also heighten people's sense of achievement. As well as the fact many people become parents in their thirties or have young children already. Gardening has been seen to be a fantastic way to teach children responsibility.

This product makes it so people even without a green thumb can grow their own food. Being 75% automated the user simply has to see if the water level on the clear window is low or empty to refill it. The lighting is fully automated, being powered by a USB plug with a timer and light dimmer on the controls depending on preference.

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