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BA Product Design

Daniel Fairhurst

The process of imagining, developing and creating a product in which others can find use and meaning is what inspires and motivates me to be creative. I hope to pursue a career in furniture and homeware design, and to create products with unique character and utility.

Tiered - Modular Console Table

273513-258542 - N0928759 - Zahra Achda- 28 April, 2024 1007 PM - Achda_Zahra_Trailshare_Co

Tiered is a modular console table intended to be placed at the entrance of a home, consisting of two bent flexi-ply sheets to create multiple levels for day-to-day items and home furnishings to be presented and stored.

Considering material wastage and excessive manufacture, Tiered requires a simpler manufacture process to typical furniture in an attempt to be more environmentally mindful. The design direction arose after discovering insights around material wastage, with figures showing that roughly 14.6 tonnes of material is consumed per person each year, a drastic disparity between environmental target rates of 8 tonnes. These insights heavily impacted the aesthetic direction of the design and method of manufacture had to be considered throughout the design process.

Alongside the main flexi-ply frame, modular sheet metal pieces are also available. These pieces can be attached in a variety of orientations and positions, to allow for more personalised utility and aesthetic. They provide a variety of functions such as providing space for shoes, storage for books, key hooks and more. Utility of these modular pieces was determined through user journey maps, considering how the user would interact with the product when leaving and entering the home, providing ease for daily routine.


Transmit is a light feature intended to be bold and obscure. Functionally, the lights provide a variety of uses, whether it be moody uplighting or downward surface lighting, the three-tiered approach allows for a unique user experience. Both the top and bottom lights can be pushed forward and back or tilted around to provide light in different directions, whilst the middle light rotates around the central stand. Transmit uses a combination of golden-coloured brass, purple powder-coated aluminium and Calacatta marble to create an extravagant and royal, luxury light feature, which is eccentric yet minimal. Over all else, it intends to be a display piece to intrigue. Design inspirations stem from works of Verner Panton, known for creating outlandish, colourful, high-end products.

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