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BA Furniture & Product Design

Diosa Agimi

I am dedicated to crafting products that simplify daily life and evoke deep emotions, creating lasting memories for users. My approach combines sleek, contemporary aesthetics with a focus on innovation, enhancing everyday interactions with designs that are both intuitive and emotionally engaging.


273513-258542 - N0928759 - Zahra Achda- 28 April, 2024 1007 PM - Achda_Zahra_Trailshare_Co

Mica is a two-seater love seat specifically designed to alleviate social anxiety, which has increased globally by 25.6% due to the impact of COVID-19, affecting mainly young adults aged 16-24. This demographic, which frequently socializes in bars and cafes, inspired the creation of Mica to foster easier, more comfortable interactions in these settings. The love seat positions users at a strategic distance, maintaining comfort whether they are friends, romantic partners, or strangers, and encourages direct eye contact by angling the seats toward each other.

The design features a small table in the middle, serving as a psychological and physical barrier that adds a layer of comfort and security, making it easier for users to share a space. The development of Mica involved iterative prototyping and user testing to perfect the distance and angle of the seats, ensuring the design meets the specific social and emotional needs of its users. With its contemporary aesthetic, Mica not only addresses a critical psychological issue, but also enhances the ambiance of any social space it occupies, making it a practical and stylish solution to a widespread problem.

Shema kettle

Drawing inspiration from Terence Conran's passion for travel and culinary exploration, I decided to bring in a piece of my own Albanian heritage to the UK, mirroring how Conran introduced iconic items like the wok, paper lantern, and duvet. My choice fell on a piece deeply embedded in Balkan culture?the Turkish double tea pot, a symbol of hospitality and warmth that transcends borders.

The Shema Kettle, ingeniously combines functionality with tradition. Its dual-chamber design allows water to boil in the lower kettle, while tea leaves gently steep above, preventing the leaves from burning. This method not only ensures a perfect brew every time, but also caters for large gatherings, making it an ideal centrepiece for communal moments. The kettle's design sidesteps fleeting trends, aiming instead to be a timeless piece that fosters connections and creates lasting memories around the shared experience of tea drinking.

By integrating a piece of Balkan tradition into British homes, the Shema Kettle is more than just a tea maker?it's a bridge between cultures, inviting users to pause and savour the moment together. In this way, it embodies Conran's ethos of innovation and cultural appreciation, while also celebrating the art of bringing people together.

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