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BA Furniture & Product Design

Eva Ellis

I prioritise functional beauty, aiming to enhance everyday products with useful improvements through problem-solving and experimentation. Grounded in sustainability, I aim to create innovative timeless pieces that solve problems and transform spaces. I value constant exploration, pushing boundaries, and evolving as a designer in pursuit of impactful sustainable solutions.


273513-258542 - N0928759 - Zahra Achda- 28 April, 2024 1007 PM - Achda_Zahra_Trailshare_Co

Cove is a seating concept that represents a transformative shift towards sustainable upholstery practices by utilising 3D knitting technology and ergonomic design. Developed in collaboration with Camira Knit, Cove demonstrates a forward-thinking approach to sustainable innovation.

This chair features a distinctive self-supporting seat crafted through a seamless 3D knitted sock stretched over a tubular metal frame. By integrating structural support directly into the knitted fabric, Cove offers a sustainable seating solution, eliminating the environmental concerns associated with conventional foam upholstery, without compromising on comfort or ergonomic support. Manufactured with recycled polyester yarn, Cove's breathable and lightweight tailored fabric pioneers a circular approach to upholstery, whilst digital knitting techniques optimize manufacturing efficiency, resulting in minimal waste production.

This project aims to redefine industry standards by advocating innovation and responsible design practices. Cove's efforts aim to inspire broader industry adoption of sustainable techniques and materials. Emphasising the benefits of 3D knitting technology, Cove serves as a catalyst for the future of industry-standard upholstery.

SeamLine Bin

Introducing the SeamLine Bin, a solution tailored for the hotel industry, promoting a sustainable shift for both guests and establishments. Designed to educate and encourage more mindful choices, this innovative bin separates waste streams, preventing recyclable materials from contamination. Aiming to enhance user efficiency, the bin conceals both the content and the bin liner, while simultaneously minimizing touchpoints and maximizing functionality. Intended for ?business travellers?, its intuitive design encourages sustainable choices without adding complexity to their schedules. Amidst a surge in post-pandemic super commuters, this bin addresses a pressing issue: UK hotels generate 289,700 tonnes of waste annually, recycling only 46%. The SeamLine Bin emerges as a practical, efficient, and unobtrusive solution, seamlessly integrating sustainability into everyday hotel operations.

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