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BA Furniture & Product Design

George Almond

I am a passionate designer with a curiosity for innovative techniques and processes. Working best in practical environments, I relish hands-on approaches and find inspiration in the workshop, where ideas manifest into tangible models and prototypes. Dedicated to continuous learning and application, I'm committed to pushing boundaries in design with a blend of creativity and craftsmanship.

Lever Floor Lamp

273513-258542 - N0928759 - Zahra Achda- 28 April, 2024 1007 PM - Achda_Zahra_Trailshare_Co

I find inspiration in mastering new skills and exploring innovative processes, driving me to push materials to their limits and forge innovative design solutions. This project was conceived with the aim of harnessing steam-bending as a process-driven design approach, leveraging the inherent properties of the material to their fullest extent. By capitalizing on the natural tension generated during the bending of wood, I crafted a joint devoid of screws or glue, achieving both structural integrity and aesthetic elegance.

The lamp's adjustability is facilitated through a clamp-like mechanism, strategically designed to utalise opposing forces, creating a lever which prevents the arm from sliding when angled. Its tension-based construction allows for effortless adjustments without the need for disassembly or removal of components.

At its maximum height, the lamp casts a gentle ambient glow, perfect for creating an inviting room atmosphere. Lowering the shade directs light into a focused area, ideal for illuminating workspaces or study areas. The versatility of the Lever Floor Lamp ensures its adaptability to various settings and applications throughout the home.


The Dondo Rocking stool has been designed to incorporate flexibility and movement while working. Created for MAGIS, it embodies playfulness through its unique rocking motion. The forward-leaning position promotes upright posture during focused tasks, while the second position offers relaxation. Its sophisticated appearance pairs well with the fun of its rocking motion, enhancing concentration and productivity.

The aim is to increase concentration and productivity by creating two comfortable working positions to alternate between. The rocking stool is a playful twist on classic rocking furniture. The considerate design and function features a "V" shaped leg rail to illustrate the unique tipping motion. Whether reading, studying, or taking a break from work, the Dondo's considerate motion and seating positions keep your body comfortable and your mind productive.

Crafted with quality materials and a contemporary aesthetic, the Dondo rocking stool is perfect for any workspace or home. The combination of rocking seating and a stool makes the Dondo great for your back and core as well as your posture.

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