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BA Furniture & Product Design

Isabelle Elliot

I am a practical designer who enjoys the making process of furniture. My passions lie in bespoke furniture making and personal upcycling projects. I love having the ability to breathe new life into loved pieces of furniture and put my own unique spin on them as a designer. I take inspiration from traditional Japanese design and strive to put the functionality of a design above all else.

The Hobby Desk

273513-258542 - N0928759 - Zahra Achda- 28 April, 2024 1007 PM - Achda_Zahra_Trailshare_Co

With a rise in the popularity of tabletop miniature games since the COVID-19 pandemic, many hobbyists have struggled with the organisation of their ever-growing arsenal of paints, tools, and brushes. The Hobby Desk has one main focus: making the experience of painting, building, and modelling more relaxing for the user. Through a series of carefully designed and specialised organisation units, the Hobby Desk can easily store everything a hobbyist would need for their craft, whether that be Warhammer, diorama making, or model kits.

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