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BA Product Design

Jessica Petrie

My personality can be traced in all that I design because I believe that using iterative exploration to find the potential in the disorder that comes with designing is the only way I know how. To design without emotion would eliminate the reason to do so at all.

'Another Life' by J.MAP

273513-258542 - N0928759 - Zahra Achda- 28 April, 2024 1007 PM - Achda_Zahra_Trailshare_Co

Books hold a sentimentality to me that can be so understood by some and entirely not by others, so the opportunity to create something special for people who share my sentiment felt momentous. We take care of things that are important to us, things we want to share with the people we love. Books we love deserve the same care, and the journeys they go on deserve to be remembered

The 'Another Life' Kit by J.MAP provides all the tools needed to ensure that the stories you care about can be shared and enjoyed without fear that they would become damaged or their past owners forgotten. The leather-bound box includes a handcrafted bone-folder and scalpel, a copy of your favourite classic novel with custom repair patches, note cards built to last, and a stamp of assurance from J.MAP, because a book stamped by 'J.MAP' is a book with more than one story to tell.

'Another Life' has been designed and built with the same love that it creates. There is no need to throw a book away when it gets damaged, no need to buy a new one to give as a gift, simply give your copy another life.


?NightCap? is a mood light designed to lend to late evening with friends, at a bar, pub, or even in your own home. The unique shape and light emission replace a candle or fire, creating an environment that leads you into your evenings. The design draws from natural motion, the dripping, oozing glass mimicking that of sap seeping from and overcoming a tree.

The wooden base filled with pooling resin ties the piece back to trees while creating a greater colourscape as the light reflects both through the glass and against the resin pool. As the night draws in and the lights begin to dim, the ?NightCap? will keep the night alive for the last round.

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