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BA Product Design

Jessica Wright

I am an incredibly enthusiastic and creative designer, with a particular flare for insights, strategy and product development. I thrive in creative, collaborative environments, where design is used as a tool for solving complex problems. I pride myself in the depth and detail of my work.

Solarity Sun Care

273513-258542 - N0928759 - Zahra Achda- 28 April, 2024 1007 PM - Achda_Zahra_Trailshare_Co

Solarity was created to a inspire a world where nobody faces the risk of unnecessary skin cancer through excessive UV exposure. We believe sun care should be a daily skin care staple for all, not just something which is used in the summer months. Our bespoke sun cream applicator is designed specifically to dose the correct volume of cream needed for application on each key area of the body, achieving sufficient protection from UV radiation in an instant. Singlehandedly, we also tackle the issue of single use plastics within the sun care market. Solarity uses fibre-based cartridges of sun cream which are loaded into the applicator & provide two full body applications of cream. These can then be recycled or composted, whilst the applicator is reused over & over. We offer a personalised approach to sun care as our sun cream formulas being totally customisable to the consumers skin concerns & needs. With Solarity being 25% smaller than the average sun cream bottle & weighing 46% less, it makes reapplication easy whilst enjoying the outdoors.

Muller Twist n Go!

Muller Twist n Go! is yogurt re-designed for the breakfast occasion. The ergonomic yogurt pot features a hinged lid, which enables the user to pause when eating their yogurt on the go. The mess free twist mechanism holds the inclusions within the lid of the pot, ensuring a smooth mixing experience by simply spinning the Muller logo around which releases the inclusions into the yogurt; without having to open the pot. By manufacturing the pot from recyclable and compostable wheat straw fibre sourced from Muller farmers, a circular solution is achieved. Additionally, integrating a single use, fibre-based spoon into the branding strip, means the user no longer needs to carry a spoon with them. Conveniently sold in a multipack of six, Muller Twist n Go! offers a seamless breakfast experience so you can Go!

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