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BA Product Design

Katie Page

I am driven by the gratification of problem solving. I enjoy the exploration of CMF and detail design, striving to find solutions that meet both user needs and maintain aesthetic value. Evaluation of colour and material samples allow me to adopt a practical approach towards decision making.


273513-258542 - N0928759 - Zahra Achda- 28 April, 2024 1007 PM - Achda_Zahra_Trailshare_Co

Fast-homeware is a current issue accelerating the popularity of unsustainable, trend-driven products. The relationship between product and consumer is lost due to the commercialisation of homeware, heightening the 'throw-away' culture. Fast-homeware is also affordable and regularly updated in response to trends and seasons, providing ideal interior products for younger cohorts (Gen Z).

Twine is a foot stool that aims to target these issues, designed to encourage playful interaction between product and consumer. Through self-assembly, it helps to form attachment through build, heightening product appreciation and longevity. Adopting playful assembly, the user should enjoy the process of building the stool. Requiring no tools, the frame fits together like a puzzle, using rope to hold the parts in place. The rope simply threads through the holes, creating the base for the cushion to sit on. Once threaded, the rope can be hooked onto the tensioner and twisted to tighten. As trends evolve, both the rope and cushion cover can be replaced with new colours and patterns, allowing the product to stay relevant, whilst maintaining the initial frame. Yet, when the consumer desires a new product, all parts can be separated for recycling, due to the absence of permanent fixings.

Müller Twist

Current yogurt pot designs do not facilitate ease of consumption on-the-go, including multiple components and the need for a spoon. Whilst on-the-go, correct disposal locations can often be hard to find, resulting in used, open yogurt pots being placed back into bags or disposed of incorrectly. Muller Twist targets these issues through a compact shape and re-closable lid, preventing an empty pot from spilling within your bag. Playful user interaction is facilitated through a twist, pour and shake, allowing the consumer to mix the components in a mess-free way. Simply twist the lid to open and peel off the internal foil seal. The contents of the lid can be poured into the yogurt, and then twisted back on. Shake the pot to mix and open the lid to enjoy a playful snack. The foil seal can be folded into a spoon if desired, which can help to reduce yogurt wastage left within the pot after consumption. To target issues of sustainability, Muller Twist is made from 100% recycled materials, hence the opaque finish, and can either be separated into components for recycling or reused for alternative purposes.

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