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BA Furniture & Product Design

Lucy Milham

With an interest in experimenting with the feel and visual appearance of materials, I aim to design pieces which users can interact with and components they can remove. Drawing inspiration from the natural environment, my designs typically blend organic shapes with versatility, harmonising form, function, and visuals.


273513-258542 - N0928759 - Zahra Achda- 28 April, 2024 1007 PM - Achda_Zahra_Trailshare_Co

Designed through an exploration of wood carving techniques, this project emphasises subjective interaction. Correlating carving details with the touch points of the chair allowed for manipulation of tactile engagement. Prioritising touch points, the chair's underside is the main focal point, providing opportunities for tactile exploration in an area that usually goes ignored.

When interacting with what you cannot see, the brain combines the stimulation with existing memories to create an assumption of what you are feeling. Each wooden surface is meticulously hand-carved and designed, not solely for form or function, but for the sensorial experience it elicits. This project seeks to evoke happiness and curiosity through tactile exploration, encouraging users to sit, relax, and allow their fingertips to wander, searching for the thin, carved lines that span around the chair and all lead to the underside of the seat.

Wood carving, dating back to 3000 BCE, offers relaxation and focus. Textures naturally draw attention, providing a calming effect that is valuable for those dealing with ADHD or anxiety. The chair's sculptural and loud form contrasts with its function, emphasising quiet tactile interaction. It prioritises happiness over utility and highlights user-object interaction.


Named for its focus on growth, Accrue is a refined and stylish jardini�re designed to showcase plant collections and inspire users to engage in the process of plant propagation. Constructed from powder-coated steel and American ash, it is not only minimalistic but also built for longevity. Research shows that plants have a multitude of physical and mental health benefits, reducing feelings of anxiety and depression while promoting relaxation and attentiveness. Plant care gained popularity during the pandemic, providing a sense of control and tranquility in a time of isolation and fear. Aimed at highlighting plants as the focal point of a room, the stand uses three levels to elevate a collection and includes a removable surface/tray for transporting propagating equipment between rooms. Enhancing mental wellbeing and promoting healthy living, Accrue is a product that focuses on balance and growth.

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