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BA Product Design

Luke O'Kelly

I'm motivated by sustainability and user centric design values. I prioritise considering environmental impact and user experience in my work. With my curiosity for understanding the mechanics and manufacturing processes, I enjoy the hands-on tasks that involve model making and prototyping, complemented by creating detailed CAD mockups and visuals to refine and showcase my designs effectively.

Motorbike Storage Unit

273513-258542 - N0928759 - Zahra Achda- 28 April, 2024 1007 PM - Achda_Zahra_Trailshare_Co

This project addresses the challenges associated with motorbike storage, which have intensified due to the rising popularity of motorbikes in recent years. The design concept was shaped by feedback gathered directly from motorcyclists during primary research. This feedback guided me towards a design that prioritises creating a storage solution capable of securely housing a motorbike, while also offering the flexibility to fold into a compact form when not in use. Additionally, the storage unit provides ample space for storing motorcycle accessories like helmets, and jackets. As well as the space to keep any maintenance tools for the motorbike. With the lockable enclosure, and durable metal and plastic construction, this motorbike storage unit is designed to deter theft, vandalism, and protect the motorbike from all weather conditions.


The OverGlow lamp acts as a solution tailored to support individuals grappling with visual processing disorders such as the Meares Irlen, aiming to replicate the benefits of colour overlays without the associated inconveniences. This project was particularly personal to me as I used to use coloured overlays to help with my reading ability and speed.
Through extensive research and consultations with opticians, I identified the most frequently prescribed colours in overlays and corrective lenses for those with visual processing disorders. This knowledge helped define the option of filters available for the integrated light filter, a distinctive feature of the lamp.
The filter's design allows for effortless customisation, enabling users to seamlessly adjust colours based on their preferences. Magnetically attached, the filter can be conveniently positioned on top of the light bar when not in use. To enhance user experience, the lamp has a temperature adjustable light, enabling fine tuning to achieve the precise colour that suits individual needs. By combining proven colour therapies with lighting technology, the OverGlow lamp offers a versatile solution for individuals navigating visual processing challenges.

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