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BA Product Design

Maliha Paracha

Grounded in a user-centred ethos, my design journey has been heavily influenced by the diverse needs of individuals. With a focus on inclusive, intuitive, and interactive design elements, I aim to craft meaningful experiences that fit into everyday life for all. My approach involves enhancing usability and promoting user engagement through thoughtful design solutions.

Cooking Up Inclusion: Chef's Apron

273513-258542 - N0928759 - Zahra Achda- 28 April, 2024 1007 PM - Achda_Zahra_Trailshare_Co

For my Self-Directed Project, I embarked on creating an inclusive apron tailored for young chefs with motor skill challenges. 'Cooking Up Inclusion' emerged from my user-centered ethos, aiming to champion independence, self-esteem, and active participation in the kitchen. Rooted in inclusive design principles, I analysed challenges through firsthand observations of children's food technology sessions and insightful interviews with teachers and parents, refining the design iteratively based on user feedback. By streamlining apron use and incorporating adaptive features like magnetic closures and the innovative HoopLoop closure - designed in a distinct color from the rest of the apron to serve as a visual cue, prompting the action of closing the apron - I aimed to enhance accessibility and usability. Aesthetically inspired by chef's coats, the apron promotes a sense of belonging and the importance of their role as young chefs. In essence, 'Cooking Up Inclusion' not only prioritises functionality but also embodies a pivotal aspect of a broader movement to cultivate a more accessible and inclusive kitchen environment for all.

Müller Corner Grab and GO

Muller Corner Grab and GO emerged from a recognition of the increasing demand for convenient yet enjoyable on-the-go food solutions. Inspired by Müller's commitment to delivering moments of pleasure, the aim was to reimagine the yoghurt consumption experience to coincide with contemporary lifestyles.

Throughout the design process, thorough market research was conducted to understand consumer preferences and behaviours when on the go. Drawing inspiration from everyday routines, the goal was to blend yoghurt consumption into busy schedules. The design journey involved iterative prototyping and user testing to refine the concept. The focus was on intuitive and interactive design elements like “flip”, “pinch” and “pull” to promote a user-friendly experience. Research into trend reports led to the discovery of a collapsible seaweed material, which can be disposed of in food waste bins, just lasting as long as it is needed. This aligns with Müller's sustainability goals and endeavours to enhance user convenience.

The goal was to craft a solution that not only addressed the practical needs of consumers but also brought about moments of satisfaction and joy amidst their daily routines.

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