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BA Product Design

Paige Challinor

I enjoy making a product look visually pleasing through details and colours. I particularly enjoy focusing my designs around the consumer and what they require from a product. I aspire towards a career within the creative industry and look forward to the opportunities that arise.

UDO: Under Desk Organiser

273513-258542 - N0928759 - Zahra Achda- 28 April, 2024 1007 PM - Achda_Zahra_Trailshare_Co

The idea for this project comes from the issues experienced by those who work from home, where it can be difficult to switch off from work when work items are visible in the home, which in turn makes it difficult to relax. The under desk organiser is designed to be kept out of sight at the end of the work day by sliding underneath the desk using the roller attachments on the base. It can also be used during the work day by being moved to the side of the desk so that the items it holds are accessible. Each section of the organiser has tab attachments for holding different items, for example; a laptop on the top section, pens and paperwork in the middle and folders on the bottom. The organiser is made from mild steel, making it durable, and the tube attachments add extra strength to the form. These tube attachments are movable as they feature magnets at each end, allowing the user to customise the layout depending on what they want to store.

Muller 'Corner On The Go'

The consumption of yoghurt on the move is challenging due to the lack of a spoon, the mess created from mixing and also being unable to recycle whilst on the go. 'Corner On The Go' is a new packaging solution designed to tackle these issues. It features the addition of a spoon to enable consumption on the go. An interactive mixing feature has also been added, in the form of a lift out tab, which combines the yoghurt and biscuit balls together in the same pot, creating a mess free mixing experience. The design also features a removable film on the inside of the yoghurt pot which can be lifted out, once the yoghurt has been consumed, allowing the yoghurt pot to be recycled on the go, without rinsing. The peel back film lid is also recyclable. This new packaging design remains in line with Muller Corner branding, whilst tackling issues with recycling on the move and mess free consumption on the go.

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