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BA Product Design

Ryan Harris

I find inspiration in the new things I discover every day. I'm influenced by my love of graphic design, sport and music, and have been shaped as a designer through my experience at university, freelancing and on placement at Nestlé. I aim to lead a career that positively impacts the people around me.

FieldFocus App

273513-258542 - N0928759 - Zahra Achda- 28 April, 2024 1007 PM - Achda_Zahra_Trailshare_Co

Women's football faces an ACL epidemic across all levels of play, with female players 3 to 6 times more susceptible to ACL injuries than their male counterparts. These injuries not only jeopardise careers but also diminish the joy of the sport. Strength & conditioning, along with refining on-field movement skills, can significantly enhance resilience to such injuries. However, access to skilled coaches for lower-level teams is often limited.

Field Focus aims to bridge this gap by offering access to professionally endorsed strength and conditioning exercises and football drills to lower-level players. Drawing inspiration from modern sports graphic design and the vibrant, international culture of women's football, the app's art direction captures the essence of the sport's dynamism.

Guided by the double diamond design methodology, the project delved into extensive research to identify opportunity areas. From a variety of ideas, I honed in on an accessible solution aimed at empowering players to improve their skills and durability.

Through this female-specific platform, players can elevate their game while reducing the risk of debilitating injuries, ensuring a safer and more rewarding experience for all women involved in the beautiful game.

Muller Corner - Uncornered

The Müller Corner has a recognisable and uniquely consistent packaging solution that has remained almost identical for over 30 years. However, this current solution is not suitable for the on-the-go consumption, most notably due to the absence of an included spoon as well as easy disposability. Despite being a staple in supermarkets, Müller targeted an introduction of their products into on-the-go suited locations, such as convenience stores and coffee shops.

The ?Uncornered? solution aims to address these and provide an opportunity for the product to break into the targeted retail locations, whilst keeping the user?s needs in mind. The use of curved components makes the product comfortable to hold and the removable bottom container maintains the user experience of pouring the compote or crunch into the yoghurt, while an included spoon allows the user to eat the yoghurt anywhere.

Sustainability is a key consideration which lines up with Müller?s environmental targets on reducing the impact of their packaging. ?Uncornered? uses a recyclable PET body and lid whilst the eco-friendly paper-based spoon and film lids can be disposed of sustainably.

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