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BA Product Design

Sean Guyett

I am committed to the improvement of lives and production of innovation through insight-led, user driven design processes. Specifically, I am passionate about advocating for greater consideration of disabled users, as I believe that inclusive design not only inspires innovation but ultimately benefits us all.


273513-258542 - N0928759 - Zahra Achda- 28 April, 2024 1007 PM - Achda_Zahra_Trailshare_Co

Mobility aids are as essential to users with mobility disabilities as their phone or their wallet. However, through observing my partner's regular mobility aid use, it was clear that contemporary design solutions are lacking, meaning the product can become an impediment rather than a benefit.

Ida ensures that the mobility aid is integrated seamlessly into the user's life and empowers them to pursue their professional and social ambitions. This is achieved through modular functionality, enabling the user to interchange the handle and ferrule components depending on their mobility needs and environmental requirements. Likewise, magnetic support ensures that the product is never far from hand or liable to fall over, whilst allowing the user to free their hand to perform essential tasks. Finally, a refined and elegant form opposes the sterile aesthetic widely encountered within mobility aid design.

These features are all integrated to ensure that the design's function adapts to the needs of the user, rather than requiring the user to adapt to its dysfunction. Ida is a passion project whose goal is to improve the lives of working age users with mobility disabilities, like my partner.

Centric Evaporative Cooler

Adverse economic headwinds are having the greatest impact on the lowest earners. As budgets are squeezed and prices simultaneously rise, low-income families are being priced out of the things they once were able to afford, most notably the family holiday. The primary aim of Centric is to reduce the costs associated with camping and ensure low-income families continue to have access to camping as an activity. It achieves this by removing the compressor component traditionally used in camping fridges, resulting in a price reduction of up to 70%. With this product, families will be able to camp for longer periods at a time and reduce the costs associated with energy consumption and food storage. Functionally, the product achieves a comparable cooling effect to that of a small compressor refrigerator simply through the evaporation of water from a porous medium. Air flow provided by a small 12v fan ensures that the humidity surrounding the porous material is low in order to maintain the rate of evaporation in the UK?s typically humid environment.

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