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BSc Product Design

Sophie Swift

I prioritize practicality and functionality as a product designer, striving to find a balance between creativity and effective solutions. With strong organization skills, I can swiftly grasp new concepts and problem-solve efficiently. My main interests are CAD, packaging design, and model making.

Illumifit - Sports warm up game

273513-258542 - N0928759 - Zahra Achda- 28 April, 2024 1007 PM - Achda_Zahra_Trailshare_Co

Illumifit introduces an engaging warm-up system utilizing lights and speakers to enhance players' enjoyment, compliance, and attitudes towards warm-ups. Designed for use by teams of up to 30 individuals, primarily targeting sports teams and schools, the game rods are adaptable to various playing surfaces. The set forms 12 games designed to enhance agility and neuromuscular control, aiming to reduce the risk of player injuries.

Warm-ups are typically overlooked, particularly in children and youth sports, contributing to a lack of enthusiasm necessary to shift attitudes instilling lifelong habits to minimise injury.

The objective of Illumifit is to alter players' and coaches' perspectives on warm-up routines, fostering confidence, attention, and communication among players. The development stages of the games reinforce progression by considering the major personality types who are motivated by; winning, praise, encouragement, and learning. This ensures that a whole team can be engaged with the product and benefit from a quality warm up.

Paper-based Mouthguard Packaging

Mouthguard packaging has a fleeting lifespan, often discarded minutes after purchase, contributing to landfill waste. Consumer demand for sustainability is evident, with 11% willing to pay more for eco-friendly packaging, and 60% preferring paper-based over plastic, prompting the development of attractive, eco-friendly packaging alternatives.

Throughout the project, I interpreted Opro?s brand language and values since they are the UK?s leading mouthguard manufacturer. I redesigned their gold mouthguard packaging to be 100% biodegradable including its adhesive and soy-based ink. I challenged myself to create a sustainable alternative that didn?t compromise on the current Opro case properties. The mouthguard case was made from moulded pulp, including bio master and starch-based additives making it waterproof, antimicrobial, impact resistant and prolonging its lifespan. The overall packaging is lighter, cheaper, and more sustainable than the original Opro plastic packaging all while maintaining the brand's language and values. All materials and manufacturing are UK-based.

Model-making was integral to my design process, enabling rapid iterations and user interaction assessments. In total, I crafted 75 models. Feedback from industry sources and attendance at events like the PPMA show, the UK's largest processing and packaging machinery exhibition, provided invaluable insights into the packaging sector.

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