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BSc Product Design

Will Poole

Product design to me is all about making a difference. It could be as simple as improving daily life or as complex as changing the world for the better. I believe that as designers we should be doing the hard work so that others can live an easier life, resulting in a user-centered design process to improve the way we live.


273513-258542 - N0928759 - Zahra Achda- 28 April, 2024 1007 PM - Achda_Zahra_Trailshare_Co

Food waste has become so common now it's starting to be acceptable. But just because we all do it, it doesn't mean we can't do anything about it. With the New Beleaf produce bags we can eliminate fruits and vegetables from being discarded by altering the way we buy, store, and assess the foods we have. By using these products, we can:

- Store fruits and vegetables in the right conditions, keeping them fresher for longer.

- Organise the contents of your fridge drawers to keep foods visible and stops you from forgetting about them.

- Speed up stock checking to prevent overfilled fridges, which improves air flow in the fridge and makes foods easier to find and access.

- Improve your ability to accurately assess the quality of foods in an easily digestible way by scanning the QR code on the back of the label.

The bags are designed with flexibility in mind. With its ability to flat pack, the bags can adjust to any height fridge drawer making it as universal as it can be. If one week you fancy more fruits than vegetables, simply flip the bag over to store them in the right humidity without taking up any more space in your fridge. To keep the sustainability consistent, the bags are made from organic cotton and recycled Velcro, allowing you to become more sustainable through both the bags form and function.


Due to recent events, more of us are having to transform our homes into workplaces, making us less productive when we work and struggling to disconnect after we finish. With the use of the enlight, the science backed light modes hack into our bodies natural rhythms to improve our day from the moment we wake up to the minute we fall asleep.

The bright white Energise mode imitates the sun rising, working with our circadian rhythms to wake us up ready for the day. The slightly warmer Focus light keeps us awake, focussed, and relaxed, skyrocketing our productivity during the workday. When the workday is done and it?s time to put your feet up, the Relax light uses its warm hues to calm your mind and help you disconnect. As your start to prepare yourself for rest, the Sleep mode will transition from warm hues to red to off, replicating the sun setting which is proven to improve our quality of sleep. If you?re up in the night for any reason, double press the controls to turn on the Midnight light, which uses a red glow to help illuminate the room but won?t impact your sleep cycle.

With its small footprint, lightweight structure, and long battery life, the lamp can follow you around as you transition through your day. The single hand controls and fully rotatable light source allows you to switch from a desk lamp to a mood light within seconds, to help you when you?re working, but more importantly when you?re not.

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