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Abhinav Takkar

The learnings and experiences from doing 3 years of diploma courses from Pearl Academy, New Delhi, India have helped me gain an understanding of the principles of product design and innovation. After studying in this field for 4 years I have developed skills in observing, understanding, and critically analysing a problem and producing user-centric solutions. Designs inspired by nature, contemporary solutions, woodworking, and combining different materials to come up with aesthetic outcomes are some of my interests that have always influenced my visualization.




Versa Tiles aims to improve the home workouts experience. These are magnetic tiles that come in different sets of 2, 4 and 8. A variety of exercises can be performed with each set. The user can make different formations with every set to perform different exercises. The tiles are designed to emit different coloured lights to instruct the user where to tap, step, or jump. The lights are green, blue, and red in color which indicates the stamina of the user. The tiles are controlled by an app that records the performance of every workout performed by the user and creates the next workout accordingly. The app creates workouts that can be performed indoors as well as outdoor. These tiles can be stacked on each other when not in use and be kept anywhere since they won't occupy unnecessary space.



WANDER is a home system that aims to help people live well with dementia. Alzheimer’s disease causes people to lose their ability to recognize familiar places and faces. It is very common for people suffering from dementia to wander or get lost or confused about their whereabouts. The home system focuses on providing as much independence that can be provided to the patients. The system comes with 5 devices that can be attached near any door/entrance and wearable that the patient will be wearing that guides them where to go and how to get there. The wearable will have options such as bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, etc which the patient can click after which the particular device will start flashing light, make a beeping sound and display the name of the area on the screen which helps guide them.

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