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Abigail Slade

As a designer I am a hardworking, self-motivated and creative individual with a keen interest in current societal issues and my designs tend to reflect that. With a preference towards making, my design process is hands on, using prototypes to develop products. Having previously worked with both wood and metal, my aim is to carry on experimenting in various design pathways.



STACK is a side table that displays your current reading list or favourite books. Designed in response to the idea of whether it is possible to display the customers’ personality through what they read.

Aside from the narrative, it is a functional side table with two tiers built to reside within either the living room or bedroom. With an open front showcasing the current books within and the top of the STACK being designed to hold both your belongings whilst you are engrossed in your favourite book, every space is catered to the reader. STACK is able to store up to 22 books within the display section and has adequate space on its lower shelf for any smaller objects the user would like to store away, such as journal, keys etc. With a plinth at the base of the STACK, the book pile looks as if floating within the display area.

STACK is the ultimate side table for all book lovers.

The Verte Chair


Designed to a brief highlighting the benefits of Biophilic design and the current lack of green spaces available to those living within cities, The Verte Chair was designed to explore how to create an intersection of plants and furniture.

With research showing houseplant sales growing in the previous year, a chair was chosen to hold these plants and allow those without access to these green spaces to experience their own ‘green’ area. With the Oak chair following the iconic simple Windsor style, it looks clean and minimalist, highlighting the importance of the plants sitting in the suspended rings. The Oak also allows for the secondary theme of man vs. nature to play out, that over time whilst the wood will begin to decay, the plants growing will bloom in contrast, showing that nature takes over in the end.

The Verte Chair is the perfect chair for those looking for a ‘green’ escape within their home and plant enthusiasts alike.

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