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Adeoluwa Thompson

As an designer all of my projects have focused heavily on the function, ease of usability and aesthetic of my products. As an experience based designer All of my project ideas come from the problems encountered by my- self and all the people around me. I am passionate about using CAD software to showcase and communicate my ideas to my through the use of stunning visuals and detailed 3D models.

Green Thumb


The Green Thumb Garden tools and companion app act as starter kit for introducing beginner gardeners to immerse themselves in hobby of gardening. The kit comes with one trowel, hand fork, shovel, universal handle. One tool, three attachments which can be swapped in and out seamlessly. Used in combination with the app that gives step by step guides on how to grow and cultivate produce as well as tips and seasonal offers.

HUB Gaming Desk


The HUB gaming desk is a product that blurs the line between a standard work desk and high end gaming setup with consideration for both. The desk features a LED lit drawers and shelves to retain that gaming aesthetic. The drawers and side mount use push latches and runners for ease of use. Hidden cable slots and ventilation slots to make keep gaming systems cool and cable management organised and clean.

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