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Alex Field

A hard-working, reliable and personable design graduate. Committed to and excited by the world of great design, I aim to bring a pragmatic approach to both form and function. With a keen interest in design for the outdoor/adventure industry, I hoped to use my final year at University to showcase a wide variety of skills and projects. For me, BSc Product Design has been the perfect balance between creativity and academia in which to foster and display these skills.

HEVEA by Aditi


The Hevea is a contemporary plant pot, made for Aditi, and constructed almost entirely of recycled tyres. It looks to counteract the waste from the one billion tyres discarded by the automotive industry every year and to turn something functional and hard into a beautiful, aesthetic piece for the modern home.

For this Commercial Project, I wanted to show that a technically-minded student on an ‘Engineering Design’ course could still think outside of the box and produce something beautiful. By using a material often used for its highly functional properties and creating something viable in a homeware market, I hoped to show diversity in my skills and thinking my final year of University.

British Army - PLCE Integrated Daysack


This project seeks to understand how British Soldiers interact with the equipment issued to them, what features they value most, and how best they can utilise what they have in a combat situation.

My research in to the project highlighted that the current integrated daysack that works with the Personal Load Carrying Equipment model (PLCE) issued bergen, is a fundamental ‘pain point’ for serving soldiers that felt it needed redesigning in order to make it fit for purpose. Often this leads to servicemen and women replacing them with expensive civilian brand packs unnecessarily - causing a whole host of related issues.

Designed for use in military training establishments and marketed to the MOD - this project aims to improve the current integrated daypack solution to the PLCE bergen. By acting as the larger bergen's lid, this daypack looks to speed up the process of reacting to changes in circumstance - allowing soldiers to shave precious time and administrate themselves more effectively.

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