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Alex Georgiou

I am a designer who always wants to learn new things. Creative computer 3D modelling has always been a passion of mine. Designing products that help people will always be at the forefront of my design, making the things people enjoy doing even more enjoyable and ensuring the hard things are slightly less difficult.

LAGOON - The Next Generation of Cable Wakeboarding Handle


LAGOON is the flagship model of cable wakeboarding handle that encapsulates the philosophy of Vortex Watersports.

Vortex Watersports is fronting the future of water based sporting accessories. A company devoted to the consumer, striving for aesthetic perfection whilst managing to maintain important functional aspects in every product. Environmental awareness is of paramount importance at Vortex Watersports. Every material has been meticulously chosen to have the least impact on the environment, along with the manufacturing methods that produce the least toxins.

Fusion - The Card Game


Fusion in its simplest form is a new university based trading card game. It bridges the gap between the virtual and physical worlds by connecting students together online and then providing the opportunity to meet them in real life. Fusion thrives off the communities universities have built for their students.

Fusion has two parts, the online card game which has been thoroughly considered and designed to give the best most immersive user experience possible.

The second part is the physical card game, which has been designed to be as enjoyable as it is easy to understand. To have levels of detail even the most avid of card game players will need time to master.

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