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Alex Hampshire

As a designer I am fascinated by the issues it can solve and the jobs it can produce. In my spare time you can find me in a more traditional sense, renovating old tools and items in my workshop. Recently, 3D software, game engines and Virtual Reality have been at the forefront of my interests and hopefully the future.

'A safer home' - Fire safety training


A unique experience which combines virtual reality technology with real-life 360 video to encapsulate the user in a highly realistic environment with a variety of fire emergencies and hazards to overcome. 'A safe home' was designed for the consumer market with the goal of teaching the average homeowner the necessity of fire safety practice in the home. This project is a case study of a much wider goal which is to see this realised both in the consumer market but also in the educational sector. If schools could adopt this form of teaching it could revolutionise the way fire safety is taught. But this does not stop at fire safety, VR is highly effective at teaching in the medical sector including sciences.

Hybrid Steriliser


The Hybrid Steriliser is state-of-the-art anti-viral and bacteria technology in your hands. With it you can decontaminate everyday items of potentially harmful pathogens, viruses and bacteria. The wand and the container use UVC technology which refers to ultraviolet light. This light penetrates the virus and inactivates it. Alex designed the product to return users confidence in cleaning and sterilisation during the COVID-19 pandemic. Through extensive market research very few UVC products were available to the consumer market. Now with the Hybrid Steriliser, whether the consumer is out and about with the sterilising wand or returning home from work worried they could be introducing viruses or bacteria into their home, as long as they sterilise any object that could be contaminated in the twin container, they can be comforted knowing their home is virus and bacteria-free.

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