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Alex Matthews

I am a multi-disciplinary designer who seeks to create innovative solutions to real world problems. With interests in both audio and lighting equipment, I am driven by the interaction of products that produce a tangible energy. I also believe that consideration of a products lifecycle is essential in todays climate, with sustainability at the core of my process.

Mod Bulb


With explosive growth in electronic waste, it is now more important than ever to reduce the environmental impact of fast-moving consumer goods. Mod Bulb aims to increase the lifespan of LED light bulbs by offering a fully user-repairable system. It utilises magnetic connections to allow the light source and driving circuit to be easily removed and replaced to extend the operational life of the product. Due to the modular nature of the design, parts and fixtures are interchangeable to ensure it suits a variety of needs and applications. Each unit and constituent material is also easy to separate to encourage components to be reused and materials to be recycled through the correct channels.

Wind PWR


Wind PWR is a scaled down fully operational model of a wind turbine which seeks to teach the fundamentals of renewable energy to children in key stages 3 and 4. The model is designed to be assembled by students under the supervision of a teacher which should inform them of the mechanical and electrical principles of wind turbines. The kit is supplied with an Arduino microcontroller which wirelessly connects to a mobile application, showing live data from the on-board sensors. Engagement with the app will encourage students to tweak the turbine to reach optimum power generation based on the operating conditions. Optimisation can be achieved by changing the gear ratio as well as the number and angle of the blades.

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