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Alex Williams

I am a hugely passionate and motivated designer, and I enjoy taking on challenging and out of the ordinary projects. I am focused on delivering innovative solutions to difficult design problems, and relish opportunities to learn new skills to produce relevant and applicable products, that aim to have a genuine impact on today’s society.

ACTiv PEP Device


ACTiv is a Positive Expiratory Pressure device for Cystic Fibrosis patients that motivates and encourages greater participation in group or individual sports, and their associated physical and mental health benefits. The product aims to provide a convenient and discrete carry case that makes for easy transportation and use whilst active.

Though key design features are discretion and easy concealment, the ACTiv brand also facilitates ‘accessorizing’, giving users a more fashionable and aesthetically pleasing experience.

Though the primary use scenario is secondary school-age children with CF, where the PEP helps minimise barriers for patients during school or club sports activities, ACTiv is also valuable as part of daily therapeutic regimes (Airway Clearance Techniques). The Product set includes education and information assets to enable broader community knowledge and understanding of CF, promoting support and empathy for the constraints and daily challenges faced by those living with the condition.

Blue Lite


Blue Lite is a low alcohol lager (ABV 1%) available on draught, which aims to assist individuals on a night out who may be driving home. The solution consists of three main elements: A Beer fount, a drinks monitoring App, and branding and campaign methods designed to spread more awareness to a wider group of stakeholders, to indicate that an individual may be driving home.

The Beer itself is branded to include all interested consumers, however the system as a hole aims to involve a variety of stakeholders including groups of friends and bartenders, to assist drivers in maintaining control and safety on a night out, so that they can get home safely.

The system allows drivers to track their intake throughout a night, helping them to make the right decisions and to get home safely at the end of a night. It’s mission is to help as many of the 77% of drivers who get caught out despite good intentions, and aims to make it possible for drivers to enjoy their nights out without compromise. By using the App to set a drink allowance, the NFC system in the fount allows users to register drinks, and maintain control of an evening whilst still enjoying a social event with friends, encouraging greater responsibility, and providing safety to all concerned stakeholders.

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