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Alexandra Record

Born and raised in Cape Town, South Africa, and living overseas for most of my life has exposed me to a wide range of cultures and experiences. Being influenced by different people and nationalities has shaped me into the designer I am. As a designer, I strive for originality over newness as I feel it is important to keep evolving to be different and stand out amongst the crowd.

Out of Sight Desk


Inspired by my personal experience through the pandemic, this desk uses the idea of "out of sight, out of mind" to help people who don't have a home office separate their work life from home by shutting away their work. Giving you a similar feeling of shutting the office door removes the temptation to continue working. Its smaller size would fit into almost any space, and shelves allowing it to blend into the home and not stand out as a desk by putting personal belongings on display.

Motion Side Table


The Motion Side Table was designed to make it effortless to set up high-quality camp furniture. Inspired by my grandparents, who love to caravan but do not like how long it takes to set up their outdoor furniture. The concept of having high-quality furniture for frequent caravanners but not losing any of the benefits of standard camp furniture was also considered since it is lightweight and folds for easy storage.

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