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Amelia Walburn

A versatile designer with a passion for enhancing user experience. Putting myself in the shoes of the consumer helps me understand their journey, highlighting areas for improvement or opportunity. When my designs come to life and I see my work develop into tangible products I feel a sense of fulfilment and excitement. My aim is to produce products of real need or that help to solve a problem.



Pebble aims to enhance the wellbeing of healthcare workers, advising the user to take frequent breaks to relax, refresh and recharge. Prior to the Covid-19 pandemic 30% of yearly sickness absence in the NHS was related to work related stress, equating to £300-400 million spent annually on these stress-related absences. The Covid-19 pandemic means hospital staff have been working even longer hours in much more stressful conditions than usual. They have had less time to take a few minutes for themselves which is vital in order for them to continue to perform high standards of work on ill patients. 45% of 1000 doctors and nurses surveyed across the UK reported experiencing depression, anxiety, stress, burnout or other mental health conditions relating to or made worse by the pandemic.

Pebble is a digital, modernised ‘nursing watch’ which includes break reminders, hydration prompts and wellbeing insights which are often forgotten about when healthcare staff are working long hours. Pebble aims to reduce their work stresses and enhance mental health and wellbeing of staff in hospitals which would improve morale and the quality of care they given to patients.

Tea Tips


2 billion cups of tea are drunk every day which contributes to the contamination of landfill with plastics. Tea Tips is a product and app which allows consumers to learn about health and sustainability benefits and purchase loose leaf tea to help tackle this problem. The LuYu Collection which includes ceramic pot and cups inspired by the Japanese and Chinese tea culture, can be purchased alongside the app to ease the loose leaf tea-making process. The pot uses a cafetiere-like system to remove the leaves, making a more enjoyable experience for the consumer whilst also reducing the environmental impact of tea bag consumption.

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