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Anastasia Klimova

Anastasia is committed to designing technology that enhances the human ability and exists in harmony with nature and society. Her tools of choice are Industrial Design, Service Design and Design Strategy. Previously she has gained industry experience at Logitech and LAYER.



57% of Britons have old smartphones lying around unused, which amounts to staggering 125m devices. To save old phones from landfills, Re_cover was created: a conceptual service that smartphone manufacturers would offer to help non-tech-savvy users repurpose obsolete phones into new, useful devices. Re_Cover app analyses an old smartphone and finds a suitable repurpose solution (webcam, security camera or touchpad). The app allows user to order an upcycling kit (a case that will house an old smartphone) and a custom firmware designed to optimise the smartphone for its new role.

This service would help users prevent their devices from becoming e-waste and acquire new useful technology for less money. On the other hand, device manufacturers can profit from old devices by providing subscription-based services without needing the development of the new hardware.

Re_Cover won A’ Design Award for Sustainable Products in 2021.

Love Guide


Women aged between 16 and 25 years are three times more likely to become victims of relationship abuse, and 70% of college-aged women did not realise they were in an abusive relationship.
Preventative education is key to avoiding abuse. However, relationship education in UK schools is patchy and biased, and internet search mostly leads to low-quality user-generated content. There is a gap between young people’s lived experiences and preventative information that could save them from trauma. Love Guide is a charity created to close this gap by providing a safe digital space where young people can get relationship advice from like-minded peers (Guides).

Young people tend to turn to peers for support in most cases. Love Guide connects young people to someone who understands them and who can share real-life experiences and relevant information from reliable sources. Fully online service allows less advantaged youth from all over the country to access free relationship education they would not have received otherwise.

Even though this service primarily targets young women, it was designed to appeal to all genders and sexual orientations. Victims of abuse that charities often neglect will feel welcome to use Love Guide and make it their own.

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