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Ash Marlborough

As a conscientious, technically-minded designer with 12 months of experience at a design and manufacturing consultancy, I readily adapt to new projects and situations. I am comfortable working across multiple disciplines, such as PCB design, coding, and graphics. Being open-minded, I appreciate hearing different perspectives and can switch from detailed to big-picture thinking.



DriveDry discourages motorists from driving through deep floodwater. A sensor unit mounted to the car’s wheel arch connects to an alert unit inside the car via Bluetooth. If water reaches the sensors, the alert unit warns the driver that the depth is nearing a hazardous level. This promotes engine health and driver safety during these challenging road conditions.

A fully working prototype of this project was produced, tested, and approved by relevant stakeholders such as a mechanic, an ex-RAC patrol member, and a range of drivers.

Pill Partner


The Pill Partner is an automated pill dispenser aimed at those with carers. The device features app integration and additional safety features at a competitive price. This was a group project with Franklin Fairbrass. My role was focused on the mechanical elements and the design of a working electronic prototype.

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