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Ayanna Wilson

I am known as a bubbly and unique individual with a quirky flair for design. As change is central to the human experience, I have blossomed to naturally gravitate towards the wonders of how design can be pushed and evolve to highlight the bond between spaces, furniture and human interaction. Design is a spectrum that surrounds each of us, and I aim to embrace this.



Sidelines is a heavily analytical applied UX design principle. When managing our items becomes a chore, SIDELINES is the solution.

SIDELINES allows you to find all of your desk items easily. With Sidelines, there are places and spaces to keep all of your paperwork and desk items together. Sidelines has four sections for all your stationery. The first section provides freedom for clutter to live. It is a safe resting space for all your items to be stored and evaluated for transition to the next section. The second part concentrates on the larger items that need to be stored safely to ensure neatness and easy access for filing. The second section also provides a detachable leather satchel; to store stationery items. The third section is the largest section, which is constructed to store the items that wish to be placed out of sight and in order. This is perfect for work laptops that do not wish to be carried on the go. Sidelines is great for office environments and hot-desking. Along with the design comes a leather file folder, that provides transportable and easy access to store the relevant and daily items that is needed for a productive day.

Sidelines is a portable, durable, handy storage facility for all of your business and student needs. It can be used by those working from home, in the office or on the move. Sidelines will encourage you to evaluate good clutter from the bad to help you stay organised and clutter-free.



SISHE was inspired by a desire to solve a problem that seems to occur in households on a daily basis. In the modern world, people have a variety of reasons for wanting to control the amount of privacy in their environment and to be shielded from the outside world. Based on the designer’s experience, this project stemmed from recurring events and feelings of being visible to the onlooker’s naked eye whilst in a personal setting. Incidents such as not being able to see inside the room when closing off daylight from blinds or curtains, hiding within a space where the user is not noticeable or sensing the feeling of being observed became the variables to seek an approach to remedy these problems.

Transitions are central to the human experience; the changes we go through as individuals, together with the circadian rhythms of our days means we need to adapt to our needs whilst retaining privacy. SISHE aims to alleviate the stress and worry of being revealed unwittingly to the outside world. Through this process, the design’s objective shall provide light that gives the user the option to reveal or reduce daylight for their comfort. The designer chose to develop a design that ensures comfort and privacy in a personal space whilst experiencing the transitions in our days.

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