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Barney Chartres

As a practical minded and hands-on designer, I strive to conjure up innovative and exciting products using my ever-adapting skill set. I am a firm believer in exploring and learning from new experiences in life, whether this be trying a new dish, reeling in an absolute river monster, or exploring design trends using new and exciting mediums.



Isolating in your room with no TV? Want to watch that new blockbuster in the bath? CINAUTO combines the mobility of a laptop with the big screen of a projector into one succinct device, controlled directly from your smartphone. It has all the components you want from a home cinema; booming speakers and high-definition imagery, whilst also able to navigate indoors using infrared sensors. Sit back and enjoy a seamless and enthralling experience!

Explore NTU


EXPLORE NTU is an inclusive wayfinding package for the Trent city campus. Designed with disability in mind, both solutions offer seamless navigation using the Uni card. The easily identifiable Outdoor Monolith incorporates a simple map with all nearby buildings, and the Indoor Scanner utilises multi-height displays to lay out your path. Both devices send all the necessary information straight to your smartphone!

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