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Benjamin F Ward

Being a designer is hard to define, to me there are three main traits to it; versatility in knowledge, a love of problem solving and a compulsion to understand the unknown. These traits define me, both projects started with a problem, it was the versatility of knowledge that gave me a footing to start each project, it was the compulsion to understand that led me to its finishing.

Lagarto: Bespoke bags


Lagarto is a range of bespoke handmade bags designed for the busy city lifestyle. Through the use of a product configurator each client will be able to build their own personal bag which will then be made by crafts people, each product has a hidden serial tag with a code unique to that product, this code Is used to help tell the story of the bag by giving information about who commissioned it, when and where it was made and by who. The reason for this is to give the client a try sense of origin to their bag allowing them to know that real people made their product with care.

Newbie : Bag catch stool


Newbie is an office tool designed to encourage comfortable collaboration whilst providing a safe convenient place to store personal belongings. The stool aspect of newbie allows for the user to find a comfortable position wither they straddle or sit parallel, it also doubles as a footrest for moments of contemplation. The can hold any work bag from brief to backpack and provides a shelf for note pads or headphones decluttering the user’s desk. Originally designed for the office market newbie has show promise in other areas from residential working from home to educational spaces and the ability to keep you belongings safe and close by makes it perfect for public spaces .

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