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Benjamin Hurlbatt

After completing a 1-year foundation design course, 1st, 2nd and now being a Final Year Product Design student at Nottingham Trent University, United Kingdom. I am aspiring to be an accomplished sustainable designer benefiting the planet as well as the clients I'm working with. currently, in the third year of the product design course, while having completed a placement year out.

ASOBITAI - the art of play


Assembling flat-packed furniture is just as challenging for adults as Lego is for children - For my Minor project, I wanted to play on this idea and design a piece of flat-packed furniture, with the intention for the parent and child to manufacture after delivery. The multifunctional piece of furniture makes use of a slot-together assembly process while requiring no additional screws or fastenings. The furniture develops from a baby changer to a chair, to a desk, while the child grows physically and mentally.

Kitchen Caddie


Inspired by my dream of a nomad lifestyle, I have come up with a minimalistic, portable, outdoor Kitchen. With a variety of innovative design features and carefully selected materials and finishes to ensure its longevity and customization ability, the consumer is comfortable and prepared for any outdoor adventure. The Kitchen Caddie is made up of a propane gas stove, an insulated storage unit, which doubles as an extra heat resistant countertop, as well as a washbasin, which comes with a removable chopping board and a drying rack

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