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Benjamin Keyser

4th Generation of Keyser Model Makers, aiming to develop products considerably and sustainably

The Keyser Toolkit


Featuring five unique tools, The Keyser Toolkit has been designed to make modelling more accessible to those who suffer with a dexterity issue. Each tool eliminates a feature in an existing product which made it difficult to use. Featured inside the toolkit are: Fine Detail Cutters, a Hobby Knife, Cable Cutters and Strippers, a Hobby Drill, with three sizes of drill bits and a Hobby File

The Keyser Paint Station


Designed using the aluminium extrusion process, The Keyser Paint Station allows easy storage of paints for all your modelling needs on four separate trays. There is additional brush storage, and a modelling area to work on, ideal for protecting the table or for taking on holiday with you.

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