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Brandon Hall

I am a designer who takes great passion in designing to enhance or improve a user's experience within interiors. The environments impact on human emotion and how they interact with an interior fascinates me and inspires the innovation within my work. With a long background in art, the process of design communication in the forms of physical drawings has always been an area that I have loved and how these physical presentations can help to communicate with target users and other designers to further develop and produce stunning design solutions.



The emotions that an interior environment can invoke is an essential aspect of the overall user experience. It is crucial to understand how a user can feel within a particular interior and how they want to feel. There is an evident emphasis on negative emotions within some environments, and one of those spaces is waiting rooms within medical buildings. Many can feel isolated and vulnerable within a space that is supposed to support their health and well-being. Current designs have lacked focus on what makes someone feel welcome within an interior space. As a result, this project provides a new waiting room layout that completely changes existing waiting rooms' overall emotional and physical experience to instigate a positive atmosphere. In replacing the uniform seating layouts, a modular and playful seating concept has been designed to improve the overall comfort. A central sculpture that displays local community artwork. A central sculpture that displays local community artwork is situated to divert attention and distract patients from why they are there. Plant pots that house artificial plants help to break up the room and bring the outdoors inside. Side tables are provided for those who need them, as well as support for those in wheelchairs.

Blue Bird Storage


Seasonaires within winter resorts, on many occasions, are not provided with the suitable storage space needed to store their winter sports gear. Accommodations can quickly become cluttered with equipment such as skis, snowboards, and helmets because seasonaires must improvise and create their own storage solutions, sometimes from nothing. Many have resorted to answers such as storing gear in their own bathtubs. Conditions like these are not suitable for expensive and sometimes rented equipment. This installation seeks to tackle this problem by providing a sustainable and compact storage solution for seasonaires. This unit is manufactured using larch, a sustainably sourced material, and is CNC cut to create sheet panels that form a compact solution. It can accommodate skis, snowboards, helmets, goggles, boots and more. It can store 2 to 3 sets of gear at once and keeps everything within one space. This design can be implemented into hotels and chalets for resort guests. Its compact design means that it doesn't take up too much space, and therefore, numerous units can be set up alongside each other. Its usage of sustainably sourced materials also supports efforts to sustain the winter environments and support resorts as snow levels continue to decrease.

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