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Brian Kiambigi

My Name is Brian Kiambigi. I am a multifaceted, versatile designer with a keen interest in designing purposeful products that help solve day to day challenges. I come from a Business and ICT background which pairs well with a great deal of product / industrial design fields.



Condition Monitoring is the process of monitoring various parameters of a machinery aimed at identifying any significant changes that would indicate developing faults. This project aims at developing a kit that will teach students the basics of mechatronics by experimental condition monitoring exercises. In addition, the Covid-19 pandemic has provided challenges to educators especially for laboratory teaching which has been done online. This product will provide a solution for remote online teaching.



Drying clothes during cold days can be a quite a hassle. Having a tumble dryer is useful but that would result to an increase in the electricity bill. Using your radiator would be a better option. With that in mind, the aim of the project was to create a competitive product that would be easy to use and fit in any environment. The Project USP is that it includes smaller airing racks for shoes which none of the other products in market satisfy.

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