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Cameron Watson

Hello, I’m Cameron, I am a passionate product designer with a focus on speculative design. I enjoy finding exciting product opportunities and creating unique solutions, which both balance innovative function with a striking aesthetic. One of my biggest influences are sci-fi movies, I find that the world building and aesthetics seen in them can be an applied to design thinking in order to design for the future. Through scenarios, potential futures can be played out, problems identified, and unique futuristic solutions can be created. I hope that my products inspire people and get people excited about the future.

ASCENT - Extra Terrestrial Footwear


These shoes were designed in response to the increased commercialisation of space travel and human mars exploration becoming more likely within the next decade, with space x aiming to take the first crewed mission to mars in 2026. The shoe aims to tackle the changing environments of within the ship in zero gravity and in the base on mars at 38% earth’s gravity. They feature a removable sole increasing flexibility and breathability within ship in zero gravity whilst still been able to function as a normal shoe on mars. Furthermore, the rubber upper, protects the tops of the astronauts’ feet when bracing themselves on railings in zero gravity preventing sore and callous on the top of the foot. They also feature the BOA lacing system which ratchets a wire tight within the top of the shoe, meaning the shoe can be tightened using only one hand, increasing usability in zero gravity.

OFF-WORLD Immersive Gaming Headset


This is a gaming headset inspired by the recent trend of virtual reality gaming and immersive gaming experiences, it employs the use of light to create a more immersive gaming experience. The light panels diffuse light into the user’s peripheral vision which can mimic the colours on screen surrounding the user in light therefore supporting the action on screen. In addition, the light panels can be used for competitive gaming and different colours can indicate in game stats or potential danger, therefore give the user an advantage in competitive games. Furthermore, the light panels can be removed, and this combined with a discreet mic means the headset can be used as traditional headphones improving the headsets adaptability.

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