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Cara Robinson

I am an enthusiastic designer with a passion for designing for the user’s needs. Ever since high school I have wanted to follow a career in product design as I love the creativity and freedom that comes with the designing process. I like to design ranges of products that resonate with many people of all ages and backgrounds. I believe that the function of the product should not impact the overall aesthetics of the design as both are equally important. All areas of design interest me, from furniture to packaging, they all inspire different approaches and new ways of thinking.

AURA - The Green Migraine Lamp


Aura is a green light lamp which serves to relieve the pains and frustrations felt from migraines. The scientifically proven frequency of the light provides the user with soothing and calming surroundings. Most migraine sufferers must lie in a dark room until their symptoms disappear, but Aura can reduce the time this takes. Aura is designed for the user to carry around the house with them while they are suffering a migraine, this way, no harsh bright lights will worsen their symptoms. The base or charging port stays in the room they feel most comfortable in and the top can be transported with them to the bathroom, kitchen, etc throughout the day. The controls allow the user to adjust the lamp to their exact needs. The brightness dial can be adjusted so the light is never too intense for them. Another element is a button to switch the lamp to a natural light mode, this means that the user can also benefit from this product after the green light has soothed them back to health. Aura is offered in a range of materials to further allow the user to personalise their new best friend. Aura, the go-to for migraine sufferers.

NÄRA - The Working from Home Desk


Nära is a desk perfect for those working from home. With ample storage space and a built-in lid, the user can literally switch off from a long day of work. The shelves and drawers are the perfect storage space for paper, notepads, chargers, etc. The space between is big enough for even a large laptop, everything they could need during their working day can neatly pack away, stopping any temptation to check on any last few emails. Holes in the back of the desk allow the user to plug in their devices without the annoyance of cables. The shelf on top is the perfect place for personal objects like picture frames, plants, or lamps. Torque hinges will ensure that the lid doesn’t slam close and cause any injuries during use. A dual whiteboard and corkboard on the inside of the lid allows the user to make the most of the space above them. Nära is designed with the user in mind, the anthropometric design of the desk ensures the user has good posture and ergonomic handles allow for easy and comfortable opening. A range of colours evoking different emotions allow the user to pick the desk most suited to them.

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