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Charlotte Ryan

I am a creative, diligent, and multi-skilled designer that is determined to succeed in whatever I do. My work focuses on usability, desirability, and understanding factors of modern society. My ambition is to integrate my diverse interests in product and graphic design in order to create successful and positive designs.



TASTEFUL is a low-cost monthly subscription service focused on individual herbs and spices. It was developed not only to produce delicious meals from around the world, but also to educate people about spices and quantities. The process also enhances home cooking by making the task more interesting and enjoyable.

The design centres around a service in which consumers are provided with test tubes and pots full of herbs and spices based on their chosen cuisine, as well as recipe cards and a measuring aid. The website-based service generates shopping lists based on selected meals and provides recommendations on where to acquire the ingredients in the surrounding area, which is ideal for the target audience and the local community.



FLUENT is a jewellery organiser crafted from white architectural cement, which makes it a versatile and attractive addition to any space in the home. The product stores, organises and values their jewellery.

Fluent was designed after empathising with women about how jewellery becomes scattered and mistreated during the day in a variety of places throughout the home. The product was designed to encourage women to make positive changes centred around how they care for their everyday jewellery.

The product provides space for a variety of pieces and the purpose is to create a relationship between wearing elegant items of jewellery and caring for them when they are not in use. Establishing a link between the person and their significant items.

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