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Chris Barnes

My focus is on developing forward-thinking hardware products that bring joy to people using human-centred design. I have experience working for Cambridge Consultants - working within multi-disciplinary teams to design breakthrough innovation and products to transform businesses and change the world.



Guaro (Gw-ar-o) is a breathalyser that has been designed for social environments, encouraging people to behave more responsibly when it comes to drink-driving. Whether that be in the home, for social gatherings such as dinner parties or public spaces like bars and restaurants.

By drinking and driving you immediately pose a threat to the safety of yourself, your passengers, other drivers and pedestrians. The consequences could last a lifetime.

The design of Guaro removes the uncomfortable, authoritative experience of using a breathalyser and creates a more acceptable, friendly and social activity. This approach encourages the user to consider their actions and make the right decision.



The first chronic pain management ecosystem in a physical device

Eden offers a garden of pain relief solutions, to assist sufferers with their pain management in the comfort of their own home. Introducing suffers to relief methods in a financially viable way, before learning what works best for them and what they want to invest in. Effective chronic pain relief is a recipe of different solutions that work for the individual. Eden holds a set of interchangeable units that the user gets to choose and change whenever. Some units promote relaxation and act as a reminder to use solutions so the user doesn’t forget and is left feeling worse or frustrated later.

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