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Chris Udell

As a designer I try to combine elegance with functionality in a simple, effective way. My favourite aspects of design include visualisation, CAD modelling, concept development/problem solving and prototyping.

开吃 (Kai Chi)


Kai Chi is Mandarin for "Start Eating". Kai Chi is also a turntable that enhances the home dining experience in a variety of ways from practicality to aesthetics. The turntable is made from dark coloured, high quality concrete and the tableware is all made from oven-safe ceramic. This allows the tableware to be heated up to aid in serving out the food and to keep the meal time more relaxed and sociable. The separated tableware means the product is inclusive of any dietary requirements and also prevents heat transfer allowing for both hot and cold foods to be served simultaneously. An additional feature is the liquid candle in the centre of Kai Chi which is lit to maintain a steady heat on the centre bowl. This opens up the possibilities for many different meal types from fondue to hot pots where gentle heat is required throughout the duration of the meal.

Kai Chi is exciting, easy and inclusive all whilst accommodating countless different types of cuisines, a luxury for our ever evolving and unifying culture. And, stripped down to its core, Kai Chi aims to promote communal dining and relationship building with everyone from your children as they grow up to your neighbours and local community.

London Laine Design


London Laine Design was founded on my placement year with help from the Hive. The business aims to produce striking, solid silver jewellery. London Laine Design strives for sustainability whilst maintaining accessibility for young men who are tired of the toxic masculinity surrounding men's rings.

I do not feel like all men are represented when I see the rings that are currently on the market. The internet is filled with minimal designs or overly masculine biker rings with nothing at a mid-price range for those who sit in between. This is the gap London Laine Design is aiming to fill with unique, classy and meticulously designed rings.

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