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Dan Powell

An aspiring designer possessing a passion to enhance the consumer product experience through re-imagining and understanding product functions to encourage meaningful connections with design. I thrive to find the balance of innovation, function and form through a meticulous approach that encourages self-improvement and challenges user interpretation.



Slouch is a product that has your posture in mind. A desk sculpture designed to increase the conscious effort of good posture whilst raising the awareness of how you’re sitting whilst working from home or in the office. Slouch is to be placed on a flat workspace, such as a desk and plugged into any USB power source. The product operates through a timed cog motor mechanism that gradually re-positions the human like figure to appear as if they’re “slouching over” with the full cycle taking place over a 30-minute period. The user will be visually aware of this and would act as a reminder to check or re-adjust their current sitting position.

In a world where most of our waking moments are spent sat down, the sedentary lifestyle has become familiar, especially for those in desk jobs. Our bodies are not designed to be seated for the period of time they’re sat during a typical day – such as working. Recognising the problems this lifestyle brings and the impact sustained sitting has on the human anatomy, with many complaints of discomfort and pain, notably in the neck and lower back region. This was the aim of Slouch to remind users to check and re-adjust their sitting positions on a frequent basis to improve their own conscious effort to reduce and prevent the period of time sat in poor positions, such as slouching.



Scatter is a light designed with the purpose to disperse. Scatter operates as a table light and wireless charging station to multiple portable lights. An efficient cradling method of holding the individual lights in place whilst being wirelessly charged, makes sure the lights are ready to be easily picked and re-positioned for use away from the original position. Each portable light provides soft illumination to indoor and outdoor areas to transform a space and create an atmosphere to how an individual desires. The various uses of Scatter is endless, such as being used for social gatherings and entertaining friends indoors and outdoors or for a more personal use of relaxing in low levels of light sat outside enjoying the remainder of a starry night.

When the individual portability aspect of Scatter is not required, it still functions as a table light offering various lighting settings and forms of light to be used within the home to provide a function or set a mood, such as in the living room. Just know that Scatter will ironically be ready to be scattered around the home for when its called upon.

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